Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Pictures Fall 2009

All I can say is that we are so blessed! First of all..our kids are all healthy, beautiful, and tons of fun. Secondly...I am great friends with a FABULOUS photographer. We did a photo shoot on Friday and here are the results. Aren't they amazing? And here's a little background on the pics. It was an awful experience. For some reason every time we try to get pictures taken, everything turns to chaos. First, while taking a shower (right before pictures), Kate gets a ton of shampoo in her eyes and cries for at least 30 minutes...rubbing her eye until it was very red and puffy. Then once we get there, Josh forgets his sweater, Andrew only wants to play, and Abby is totally and completely uncooperative. I am just shocked that there was even one good picture! Well the results were worth the chaos and you'd never know from the great pictures.


  1. Hi Ashley!! Your sweet mother in law gave me your blog link when she forwarded these darling pictures to me! {she probably didn't even know it!! Ha!} Anyhow...wanted to tell you how beautiful your family is and hope things are going wonderful for you all! I'm a Grammy myself now...our Amy and Brian had baby boy Carter last May 3rd in Phoenix and Allyson and Adam had baby Kierstyn last July 3rd...they live close to us. Life is beautiful with the little ones! Take care!

  2. i look at this everyday. i love it! Josh