Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Easter

This Easter season was one that I will hold dear in my heart forever. Andrew has grown to an age that he can fully comprehend the true meaning of Easter. While bunnies, candy and egg hunts are fun, he now knows exactly what happened two thousand years ago. I was able to teach him with a set called Resurrection Eggs. There are 12 eggs and inside each egg is a key part of Jesus' death and resurrection. The great part was that not only did Andrew and I go through this, but he was able to put all of the eggs in order and tell the rest of our family the Easter story with great detail. It was such a blessing to see him excited to learn and teach about Jesus' life. We went to Good Friday service with Andrew and he took part in his first communion. Since we had been learning all about the last supper, he knew exactly what he was taking part in. It was definitely an Easter to never forget.

Of course we still did the 'fun' stuff, dying Easter eggs, baskets, and egg hunts. Abby was all about looking for candy filled eggs. As soon as she'd find one, she would want to open it and eat it before looking for more. She definitely has her mommy's sweet tooth! And nothing could be more fun for Kate than to be able to wear the prettiest dress in her closet. She had her eye on it for months!

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